Howard Lewis Ship
  • Seasoned Open-Source / JEE / Clojure Developer and Architect
  • 25+ years experience as full-time software Developer
  • 15+ years experience with Java
  • 3+ years hands-on experience with Clojure
  • Creator: Apache Tapestry
  • Author: Tapestry in Action


I consider myself a seasoned*and innovative software craftsman, with the experience to tackle high level architecture, and the drive to create beautiful, maintainable, high-performance code. I have experience participating in, and leading, successful open source projects going back well over 10 years. I’m an accomplished coder in several languages: especially Java, Clojure, and JavaScript. I also have extensive experience training and mentoring.

I'm looking to join a team where I can learn as well as teach, stretch my boundaries, and create something amazing!



I have experience in a wide variety of languages, tools, frameworks, and libraries. I eagerly embrace the new tools, techniques, and approaches that are constantly evolving in the industry. I strive for elegance and simplicity.

My primary languages are Java, Clojure, ClojureScript, and JavaScript.

I have experience in both back-end and front-end development, often on the same project.

On the front-end, I've used all the major frameworks: jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone, ReactJS, ExtJS, Underscore, and more. More importantly, I have leveraged whatever tools are available to create responsive and complelling user interfaces.

On the back-end, I've used a variety of databases, message queue brokers, caches, application servers, servlet containers, and related tools. My focus here is performance and scalability.

I'm strongly test focused, using a variety of tools to ensure any code I write is high quality.


  • Framework Design: converting domain knowledge into reusable code
  • Full Stack Thinking: can appreciate applications from the user's perspective, all the way down to low-level code
  • Mentoring: sharing my experience in a classroom setting, or less formally
  • Writing: published author, expert speaker, good at distilling complex information
  • Gets Things Done: pragmatic about priorities and deliverables